The Process:



Get in Touch

Ready to take your Product Photography to the next level? Then fill out the booking form below and once we're in touch we can chat through briefs, moodboards and plan out the perfect setups for your shoot.

I have a wide range of props available but if there's something specific you're after then I also offer a prop sourcing service to make sure we have everything needed to bring your vision to life.

Send Products

Once we have booked in a date you have two convenient options. You can send your products to my studio where I will style and capture them remotely.

Alternatively, if we are shooting on set together then just bring them on the day!

Shoot, Select, Edit

After shooting, I will send you your final edited collection through a wetransfer link.

Once they are downloaded it's time to share! Get ready to watch your audience and engagement grow.


Various Sculpted by Aimee makeup products are arranged in this photo. The background is a dreamy pink with clouds.
Sea + Solu Moisture Hair Mask sits on a baby pink backdrop. It it surrounded by rippling water.
There are three makeup highligher's in this photo moving from closed to open. They are on a pink and navy background.
There are four lip liners laying flat in a row on a pink and navy blue background.
The Head Plan Journal is sitting on top of it's box on rolled out gold wrapping paper with festive decorations
This is a website banner showing a torso in business casual clothes holding a brown leather agenda.
The Head Plan's Nourish Pad is sitting on rolled out cream wrapping paper with pink ribbon & gold festive decorations
Sea + Solu Moisuture hair mask and booster is shot on a beige backdrop, they are some light shadows cast to the left.
A hand is holding up a Gigi branded glass with a yellow drink inside it. The backdrop is a baby blue.
Supplement Pouch on a blue and beige backdrop, a hand is reaching in to take a glass with the drink in it
Sea + Solu Moisture Hair Mask sits on a bright blue backdrop. It it surrounded by rippling water.
There is an entire range from a hair care brand sitting on various shapes and sized prop blocks with a nude backdrop.
This is a hero shot of three hair care products on a white prop block with a lilac background shot from below.

Let's Work Together !